How Much Will I Pay for a New Synthetic Slate Roof in Salina?

How Much Will I Pay for a New Synthetic Slate Roof in Salina?

Slate roofing is undeniably beautiful and luxurious, but it comes with a luxury price tag to match. When you’ve been dreaming of a slate roof but know that the price is deeper than your pockets, synthetic slate might be just the answer you’re looking for. Synthetic slate roofing is made to emulate the look of natural slate at a mere fraction of the cost. That said, it’s still considered a premium roofing material and will cost you more than standard asphalt shingle roofs. So, just how much will you pay for a new synthetic slate roof in Salina?

Average Cost to Install a Synthetic Slate Roof in Salina

The average cost to install a synthetic slate roof in Salina is between $25,500 and $37,400 depending on several factors including the size of the roof, the pitch of your roof, and the complexity of your roof. Generally, a synthetic slate roof will cost between $1,500 and $2,200 per square to install in Salina. 

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How Roof Size Impacts Roof Installation Cost

The size of your home and, therefore, your roof will be one of the most important factors to consider when calculating the cost of your synthetic slate roof installation. Shull Construction is a trusted Salina roofing company that will provide an accurate estimate based on precise measurements, so you’ll know exactly what to expect after we assess your roof. If you’re not quite ready to schedule that estimate, you can get a general idea of the cost to install your new roof by calculating the square footage of the footprint of your home and dividing it by 100 to get the approximate squares in your roof. 

  • 10 square roof: $15,000 to $22,000
  • 15 square roof: $22,500 to $33,000
  • 20 square roof: $30,000 to $44,000
  • 25 square roof: $37,500 to $55,000
  • 30 square roof: $45,000 to $66,000
  • 35 square roof: $52,500 to $77,000

Other Factors That Impact Roof Installation Costs in Salina

The size of your roof will ultimately be the most important factor in determining the cost of your roof largely because it is either affected by or affects the following:

Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof refers to how steep the roof is. Pitch is measured as the number of inches a roof rises vertically over a 12 inch horizontal span. Roofing contractors will use a standardized pitch multiplier to calculate the difference in roof size based on pitch. As the pitch grows steeper, the surface area of the roof grows which means more material will be needed to complete the installation. 

Roof Complexity

The complexity of your roof will take into account things like chimneys, vents, peaks, valleys, and skylights. More complex roofs may result in more material waste and will likely take longer to install which can increase installation costs.  

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Labor Costs

If we tell you that labor costs account for around 40% to 60% of any roofing project in Salina you might find yourself scratching your head. Didn’t we just say that the size of the roof is the most important thing to consider when calculating cost? Well, that’s true. The thing is, the size of your roof will have a massive impact on your labor costs. The larger the roof is, the higher your labor costs because it will take longer to install.  

Benefits of Synthetic Slate for Salina Homes

Synthetic slate is certainly more costly than other roofing materials that Salina homeowners might choose like asphalt shingles, but it comes with many benefits for homeowners to enjoy such as: 

  • It’s recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. 
  • Synthetic slate is exceptionally durable. 
  • Being wind, hail, and fire resistant it can stand up to the local climate. 
  • Lightweight tiles make synthetic slate easy to transport and install. 
  • Many warranties for synthetic slate are up to 50 years which means you can expect a long life out of your new roof.  

Do you think synthetic slate might be the perfect answer to your roofing problems in Salina? Or maybe you still want to explore other options. Either way, Shull Construction has you covered! Call, today, to schedule a free estimate, and let us help you find the roof of your dreams. 

What is the Typical Cost of a New Cedar Roof in Salina?

What is the Typical Cost of a New Cedar Roof in Salina?

When choosing a new roof for your home one of the first things most people wonder is how much their new roof will cost. Particularly if you’re looking for something with a little WOW factor you’re going to want to set your expectations appropriately. If you’re thinking of installing a synthetic cedar roof on your home in Salina and you want to know how much you’ll pay for it, you’ve come to the right place! 

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Average Cost to Install a Synthetic Cedar Roof in Salina

The average cost to install a synthetic cedar roof in Salina will be between $18,000 and $25,000 depending on the size of the home, specific products chosen, and a variety of other factors your roofing contractor will use to calculate exact costs. You can generally expect to pay between $1240 and $1725 per square for your new synthetic cedar roof. 

How Roof Size Impacts Roof Installation Cost

The size of your roof will generally be the most important factor in determining the final cost of your new synthetic shingle roof installation. The roofing experts at Shull Construction in Salina will gather exact information when they provide your free estimate, but if you’re not quite ready for that you can look at the footprint of your home and divide the square feet by 100 to find out the approximate squares of your roof. 

  • 10 square roof: $12,400 to $17,250
  • 15 square roof: $18,600 to $25,875
  • 20 square roof: $24,800 to $34,500
  • 25 square roof: $31,000 to $43,125
  • 30 square roof: $37,200 to $51,750
  • 35 square roof: $43,400 to $60,375

What is Synthetic Cedar Roofing

Synthetic, or composite, cedar shake roofing is made of recycled materials that are designed to mimic the look of genuine cedar shakes. These shakes are engineered with deep grooves and grain patterns to make them look more authentic and hand-split the same way real cedar would be. At Shull Construction, we highly recommend synthetic cedar products from DaVinci and DECRA for our customers in Salina.

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Benefits of Synthetic Cedar for Salina Homeowners

Synthetic cedar roofing comes packed with benefits for Salina homeowners who are looking for a product that will make their homes stand out apart from the crowd. 

  • Synthetic cedar offers all the beautiful curb appeal of natural cedar shakes – while a trained roofing professional might be able to tell the difference your family, friends, and neighbors will never know it’s not genuine cedar. 
  • A properly installed and maintained synthetic cedar roof will last for decades. 
  • Synthetic cedar roofs are extremely durable and weather resistant with the ability to withstand heavy rains, hail, and high winds. 
  • Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic cedar is fireproof.
  • Natural cedar is prone to fading and weathering from the sun’s strong UV rays and regular wear and tear – synthetic cedar shakes are resistant to fading from the sun as well as damage from insects and vegetation. 
  • Synthetic slate is very low-maintenance, rarely needing to be cleaned or repaired. 

If you’re in the market for a beautiful and durable roof for your Salina home synthetic slate might be exactly what you’re looking for! Call Shull Construction, today, to schedule your free estimate and see how we can help you get the roof of your dreams!