Asphalt Shingles: Trust Your Roof to Malarkey’s Top-Notch Products

Asphalt Shingles: Trust Your Roof to Malarkey’s Top-Notch Products

Asphalt shingles are an excellent roofing material for a variety of reasons! They are affordable, easy to install, durable, and can last around 25 years with proper regular maintenance. But not all asphalt shingles are the same. Even though asphalt shingles are generally the same, each manufacturer has its spin on the shingle, along with advantages and disadvantages. 

We, at Shull Construction in Salina, have been working with manufacturers and customers for over two decades. We have learned which products are worth the money and which ones could use some tweaking. We trust Malarkey Roofing Products due to their high-quality materials. We would not support a company that doesn’t offer excellence.  

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Who is Malarkey? 

Malarkey began in the roofing industry in 1956 in Oregon. They have tweaked their asphalt shingles for over 65 years working to improve and perfect to the needs of the customer’s demand. In 1976, they introduced a fiberglass mat to 3-tab shingles and offered the first 2-year warranty in the roofing industry. They continued moving forward in 1986 when they introduced the first polymer 3-tab shingle, calling it The Alaskan. Their innovations and technologies have improved continually through the years, offering the first Scotchgard Protector from 3M Designation in 2003, and the first smog-reducing shingle in 2018. This company is continually moving forward improving and succeeding in the roofing industry! 

Not only does Malarkey prove to push forward with roofing materials, but they are also concerned about the environment. Malarkey has worked to minimize the waste in landfills by upcycling approximately a billion plastic bags and millions of rubber tires for their shingles. They also strive to clean the air we breathe by increasing our forests by planting new trees. 

What Makes Malarkey Shingles Superior?

  • The craftsmanship is superior by adding up to 50% more adhesive bonds offering extra protection. 
  • The nailing area has been improved making it easier to install and more accurate. 
  • Extra protection has also been integrated into the shingles to help strengthen them against wind-blown rain. 
  • They offer up to 35% greater protection against tearing than industry standards.
  • They offer 65% greater granular protection than industry standards. 
  • The highest rating possible for hail impaction is a Class 4, which they offer.

The color options with Malarkey Shingles are varied! You can choose from Antique Brown, Silverwood, to Midnight Black in their Legacy line. Perhaps a Weathered Wood or a Sienna Blend from their Highlander line. Choosing a color to match your home may be one of the toughest decisions! Thankfully, we are available to help you narrow down your search and find the right color shingle to complete the look of your home. (Check here the Cost for Asphalt Shingle Roofs)

asphalt shingle roofing, Malarkey roofs, roof replacment, Salina

Malarkey Shingles are top of the line when it comes to roofing your home. They offer exceptional value, durability, and strength unmatched in the roofing industry. We are strong believers in providing the best quality roofing, and that is why we trust Malarkey Shingles! This doesn’t mean we don’t work with other brands as well, such as Certainteed Shingles or GAF. We do believe in providing the best possible product for our customers. 

Trust Shull Construction in Salina when it comes to any roofing project. We always show up, call back, and follow up when the job is finished. Our goal is simple. To provide quality products and excellent customer service with honesty and trustworthiness. You can always count on us!  



What Will I Pay for a Cedar Roof in Great Bend?

What Will I Pay for a Cedar Roof in Great Bend?

If you are looking for a stunning new roofing material that will set your home apart from others in the area, consider synthetic cedar roofing. This amazing roofing material will not let you down and will delight the curb appeal of your home for years to come. 

What will I pay for a new cedar roof in Great Bend? That is a perfect place to start. The average cost to install a synthetic cedar roof in Great Bend will be between $18,000 and $51,750. This price difference is based on the size of your home, the specific product chosen, and any other factors the roofing contractor will use to calculate the cost. This will break down to approximately $1240 to $1725 per square for your cedar roof.  To know an accurate estimate for your particular home, contact Shull Construction in Great Bend at (620)282-5203. We will be happy to come out, measure your home and discuss the options of a cedar roof

cedar roof cost, synthetic cedar roof, roof replacement, Great Bend

If, however, you would like to guess on your own the approximate cost of cedar roofing, use the following chart to determine the cost. It is figured in roofing squares. A roofing square is equal to the footprint size of your home in square feet divided by 100. 

10 square roof: $12,400 to $17,250

15 square roof: $18,600 to $25,875

20 square roof: $24,800 to $34,500

25 square roof: $31,000 to $43,125

30 square roof: $37,200 to $51,750

What exactly is cedar roofing? 

This type of roofing material is made out of cedar trees that come from the Northwest United States or Southwest Canada. To make these unique and amazing shingles, they take large cedar trees and cut the into 2-foot sections and hand split them or saw them into tapered thickness. The exceptional quality and look of this roof make them stand out against other roofing materials. (Learn about Synthetic Cedar Roof)

What are some benefits of cedar roofing?

Curb Appeal

This product sets your home apart from the neighbors on the block! The natural wood makes it a unique and beautiful roofing choice. This product has been used on homes since the 1800s and remains an option for good reason! The timelessness of cedar is unmatched. 

Pleasant Fragrance

Cedar has one of the most sought-after smells in a home. The fresh smell of cedar can lend to the charm and coziness of a recently built home. When trying to sell a home, the smell is a sense to nail down, That is why there are candles lit and warm cookies on the counter. Cedar has a way of bringing a sense of peace to the buyer entering the home much as candles and cookies do. 


Thankfully, cedar is a lightweight product that doesn’t add additional weight to the frame of a home. Therefore, most homes can support the weight of cedar. 

Repels Insects

Many have concerns that natural wood will attract insects, but cedar has the opposite effect. Termites, especially, have an aversion to cedar. There is a chemical within the cedar planking that termites abhor. Therefore, a home with this type of roofing material will have minimal if any complications with termites and other insects. 

cedar roof cost, synthetic cedar roof, roof replacement, Great Bend

The list continues for the benefits of cedar roofing material. To learn more and have a free estimate for your particular home, look to Shull Construction for guidance!  We have a team of specialized professionals ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to roofing. Your home’s safety and your satisfaction are top priorities at Shull Construction. We strive to do our best with every job, regardless of size.

Contact us today and learn why we are one of the top roofing contractors in the Great Bend area! 



How Much Will a Tile Roof Cost in Salina?

How Much Will a Tile Roof Cost in Salina?

If you are looking for a long-lasting roofing material that will not need a replacement for the remainder of your home ownership, look no further than concrete or clay tile. This amazing product can last upwards of 50+ years when properly installed and maintained. This amazing product is one of the oldest roofing materials and has spanned decades due to its durability, and amazing life span. 

What will a new tile roof cost in Salina? Homeowners can expect to pay between $14,000 and $18,000, depending on the size of the roof, the type of tile chosen, the pitch of the roof, and several other factors. A new synthetic tile roof will cost between $1000 and $1200 per square to install in Salina.

tile roof cost, synthetic tile roof, roof replacement, Salina

The size of your home will greatly impact the final cost of synthetic tile roof installation. When you call Shull Construction to inquire about a free estimate we will use precise measurements to provide you with as accurate pricing as possible. If you desire to have an idea of what it will cost for a new tile roof, check the chart below for an approximate cost. (Learn More)

10 square roof: $10,000 to $12,000 

15 square roof: $15,000 to $18,000

20 square roof: $20,000 to $24,000

25 square roof: $25,000 to $30,000

30 square roof: $30,000 to $36,000

What types of tile does Shull Construction in Salina install

Clay Tile Roofing

  • Longevity: Clay tiles are longer lasting than other roofing materials. These roofs can have a longevity of nearly 100 years. Even on the low end, clay tile can last 50 years. They are built to be nearly indestructible and resistant to the elements. 
  • Low Maintenance: Many other roofing materials require regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspections. Clay tile seems to be a “set it and forget it” type of roofing material. They are built to last!
  • Durability: A beautiful attribute of clay is that they do not rot and are insect-resistant. They remain structurally reliable and stunning for years to come. 
  • Insulation – An advantage to clay tiles is that air can freely circulate beneath the tiles, regulating the rooftop temperatures, and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. 
  • Weather Resistant – Other types of roofing materials must expand and contract with the changing weather conditions. Clay beautifully maintains the roof’s integrity through the ability to withstand hot and cold weather events. 

tile roof cost, synthetic tile roof, roof replacement, Salina

Concrete Tile Roofing

  • Durability: Similar to clay, this type of tile roofing can last an extremely long time. This is one of the longest track records of performance compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt and metal. 
  • Withstand Nature – Hailstorms, strong rainstorms, rot, insect damage, and fire don’t hold much up against concrete tile. You will never have to worry about a safe strong roof over your head when you rely on concrete tiling. 
  • Variety: Another beautiful attribute of the concrete tiling is the variety of colors and styles the homeowner can choose from. The possibilities are endless!
  • Low Maintenance – Again, similar to clay, there is minimal maintenance that needs to be addressed with a concrete tile roof. There is no need to have a to-do list line item for your roof when it comes to this amazing material.
  • Noise-Controlling – Ah, the peace and quiet atmosphere of a home with a concrete tile roof! Concrete tile has a noise-canceling feature that keeps the racket of the neighborhood outside where it needs to stay. 

No matter where you live, or the style of your home, you can glean the amazing benefits of a tile roof! Consider calling Shull Construction in Salina to learn more about this stunning material and cross off roof maintenance from your regular inspection schedule for good! We are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to tile roofing and we will provide you with 100% customer satisfaction! Call today to learn more! 




Choosing the Best Roof for Your Home to Ring in the New Year

Choosing the Best Roof for Your Home to Ring in the New Year

So, you have decided a new roof is in your future. There are so many considerations and decisions to make. The style, the color, the roofing material, and the company you trust to put on your new roof are all factors to ponder. The options are endless! Let’s break down some of these options, and figure out the best roof for your home in the new year. 

New Roof

What roofing options are available for my home?  

Asphalt Roofing

  • Available in traditional three-tab shingles or thicker architectural shingles
  • Inexpensive to moderate cost to install
  • Moderate in weight on the roof
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Simple installation

Metal Roofing

  • Available in sheets, or shingles that resemble other roofing materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Good resistance to wind and fire
  • Moderate to Expensive, depending on the material used

Cedar Roofing

  • Natural look, weathers to a silvery gray
  • Eco-friendly
  • Short lifespan, periodic maintenance needed
  • Moderate in weight
  • Moderate cost 

Slate Roofing

  • Made from natural slate rock
  • Long-lasting, durable
  • Good fire and wind resistant
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy

Will my new roof hold up to Kansas weather?

Considering the weather in Kansas is fairly moderate, choosing any of the roofing materials would be more than adequate. It would be wise to consider the weight of snow on top of your roofing material and have a plan in place for proper snow removal. Some roofing materials require a little more care than others when removing excess snow. Understanding the procedures before winter arrives is a wise option. (Do you want to learn how to remove snow on top of your roofs?)

Is it too heavy for my house frame? 

Contact a trusted professional roofing company to inspect your home if you are in need of roof replacement and determine which roofing system your house frame can hold. Shull Roofing in Salina will be able to spend time with you answering all of your questions, and helping you to weigh the options for your particular home. The decision process can be a little overwhelming, but we do our best to give you peace of mind, and comfort moving forward.  

New Roof Salina

Which roof style will complement my home? 

Is your home rustic-looking? A cedar roof would complement it beautifully! Is your home Colonial, French-Chateau, or European in style? If so, lean toward a slate roof, opting for a variety of roofing colors such as gray, black, green, red, or purple. Perhaps your home is Mediterranean or Spanish-styled? Consider a tile roof. The options are endless when it comes to the style of roof. Once again, consult with Shull Roofing Salina to help decide the best roof for your home. 

There are many things to consider when choosing the best roof for your home. Trust the professionals, and get sound advice. We are here to help and know you are going to love the quality of your new roof. We guarantee it! 

Call today for a free inspection. 




How a Roof Replacement Can Increase the Value of Your Home in 2023

How a Roof Replacement Can Increase the Value of Your Home in 2023

A new roof offers security and protection for your loved ones that you aren’t going to find in new flooring alone. Many homeowners overlook the condition of their roof or put off a replacement because it’s not as glamorous as marble tile or a new refrigerator. While it seems easier to part with money when you can see the results from the comfort of your own couch, a new roof is one of the best investments you’ll ever make as a homeowner.

If you’re considering roof replacement, please familiarize yourself with the benefits and what to expect during the roof replacement process. The more you understand, the easier it will be for you to make decisions about the best roof for your home and the right company for the job.

Roof Replacement

Value-Increasing Benefits of Roof Replacement

What are the benefits of roof replacement? What will you get if you make the investment in a new roof now instead of putting it off?

An updated, sturdy roof protects your home and the people who live there. It’s a shield from the elements — wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures — but it also keeps moisture from creeping into your home and encouraging mold and other potentially dangerous substances.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Today’s shingles are designed to do more than just keep your house dry. Several shingle options on the market today are designed to repel heat. By repelling heat from the sun away from the house, the shingles on the roof prevent excess heat from entering into the house. The less heat in the house, the less a home’s HVAC system has to work to keep it at a cool, comfortable temperature. When the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, it doesn’t use as much energy — and homeowners save money.

High Return on Investment

One of the biggest benefits of a new roof is the return on investment that comes with this project. You’re likely to recoup most — if not all — of the roofing costs when you go to sell your home. Potential buyers typically prefer homes that don’t need a lot of structural work, so a new roof allows you to sell your home at a higher price and makes your home more appealing to potential buyers. Most people are attracted to a home that isn’t going to require them to pump a lot of money into it immediately after they move in. A new roof can also demonstrate to potential buyers that you have maintained your home and protected it from things like water damage.

Improved Curb Appeal

A new roof goes a long way toward improving a home’s curb appeal. A house’s roof is one of its most visible features and makes up a significant percentage of a home’s exterior. An old roof with missing shingles and moss growing on it makes a house look old and poorly maintained. A new roof, on the other hand, is a great way to enhance the look of any home to make it look fresh and exciting.

When you work with a reputable roofing company to design and install a new roof, they can help you select the right color and style of shingles to complement the color and style of your home. The variety of colors, shapes, and designs can really bring a home back to life.

Roof Replacement

Ready To Replace Your Roof?

If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, don’t wait until it starts leaking or falling apart. Shull Construction Great Bend is committed to providing high-quality roofing and remodeling services to homeowners in Great Bend. When you hire us to do a job, we stick with you from planning all the way through clean up and completion. If you’re in the market for a new roof, our experienced project managers are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best product for your home. Being proactive about roof replacement is the best way to protect your home and family, so don’t wait. Schedule an in-home consultation today!



New Year, New Roof: 5 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in 2023

New Year, New Roof: 5 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in 2023

The roof of your home is one of your greatest assets. A roof protects you and your family from rough weather conditions, keeps you safe, and offers a shell to keep the comfortable temperatures inside. We should schedule regular inspections in order to keep our roof working in tip-top shape. If part of your roof begins to diminish and doesn’t hold up to the needs, a replacement will be needed before more damage can be done. 

Who would you trust to inspect your roof and give an honest assessment? Look no further than Shull Construction in Emporia. We have been serving the local areas for over 20 years, providing the highest quality materials and professional customer service. 

Roof Replacement

So, what if you do need to replace your roof in 2023? What are the benefits? Here are five key points. 

Saving Money

Yes, it does cost a substantial amount to install a new roof. However, with financing options through Shull Construction, a quality roof doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Secondly, the monthly energy savings can quickly add up. A properly installed roof can prevent warm air from escaping in the winter, and keep the cool air inside during the heat of summer. By ensuring the roof serves its purpose as a barrier to the weather elements, the heating and cooling system in the home will run less. 



A strong solid roof is able to protect the family and possessions from falling debris, trees, and strong winds. When a roof has been previously damaged, it can’t support the outdoor elements as well as it should. Therefore, the integrity of the roof is compromised. As a roof ages, its strength can be diminished causing areas to become weak. Make sure you have a solid strong roof protecting your family. 

Please use caution when inspecting your roof. If you have concerns, contact us to take a look at them for you. 


Increased Home Value

By installing a new roof, the value of your home and curb appeal greatly increases. The return on investment is often near 68% of the cost of the roofing project. These are things to consider, especially if you are thinking of moving in 2023. When a potential buyer enters the driveway and takes a first glance at the home, the roof is one of the most important items they look at. If it is tattered, broken, and messy, the homeowner has created a judgment and many times has already decided this home is not a good fit. A fresh, strong, solid roof is an enticing invitation to the potential buyer. 


Insurance Savings

Give a call to your insurance agent and chat about the savings in premiums available with a newer roof. Many times policies are no longer valid if the roof is more than 20 years old. It is wise to protect your family and make sure you fully understand your particular policy. 

Roof Replacement


Manufacturers have greatly increased the benefits of their products as the years have passed. Due to this, companies are able to offer incredible warranties on workmanship, and the products purchased. Be sure to discuss with Shull Construction the warranties offered on a new roofing system. 

When the job is completed, Shull Construction Emporia is not satisfied until you are. Our reviews speak for themselves, among your neighbors and friends. We also have amazing reviews from trusted companies such as Malarky, GAF, and Certainteed. Hire a team of roofing experts you can trust!