Enhancing Comfort and Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

Enhancing Comfort and Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

Windows offer protection from weather elements, amazing curb appeal, and the comfort of natural light. When windows have aged, they can drain your wallet with additional energy expenses, and give a tattered look to the home. Replacing the windows can offer many benefits and should be considered a home improvement project. 

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Energy Savings

Do you feel a draft when you pass by your windows in the chilly winter months? That cold air entering your home is burning a hole in your wallet through higher energy bills. New windows can seal up the area with better insulation and reduce those drafts. This will allow a reduction in wear and tear on your HVAC unit attempting to keep your home temperature comfortable, use less energy, and save a few bucks every month.  

Increased Comfort

Similar to the above benefit, the interior of your home will be more comfortable when new windows are installed. New windows come with double or triple panes of glass, and a thin layer of argon gas between those panes. This technology reduces the transfer of the sun’s rays in the hot summer months. 

Increased Value

As with most home improvement projects, window replacements offer an amazing return on investment. Some reports show a return of nearly 72%! Brand new windows appeal to a buyer because they know these windows will last for decades. 


New window technology offers them being made of tempered or laminated glass. New windows have safety features like locks and sensors that make them more difficult to force open and break from the outside. New windows offer better functionality than older windows, which provide an easier way to escape during house fires or other emergencies.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining old windows can be a hassle. The frames of windows may be peeling or falling apart. New windows offer the ability to tilt inside for easy cleaning procedures. Some even offer blinds or shades inside the window panes making dusting and cleaning much easier. 

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Curb Appeal

Replacement windows can increase the value of your home, offering a more attractive curb appeal. Depending on the type of window you choose, the style of your home can alter. Perhaps you desire french panes rather than large single-glass windows. Window options are endless when it comes to the design and appearance of your home.

Reduced Allergens

Shades and blinds can hold dust and allergens making dusting a common duty on your home cleaning list. New windows offer an option of the blinds inside the window panes allowing you to cross off that item on your to-do list. Additionally, the lack of blinds can keep children and pets safe from hanging blind cords. 

Shull Construction in Emporia is a proud partner with Provia when it comes to replacement windows. ProVia offers professional-class windows with a high degree of customization and superior quality that define beauty, durability, and comfort. Over 90% of ProVia windows are ENERGY STAR certified. They are easy to maintain with a variety of options to meet every customer. Shull is skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to properly installing ProVia windows. We aim to provide exceptional customer service for homeowners who replace their home windows. Give Shull Construction a call today to learn more! 





Seamless Gutters: What Are They and Why Are They the Gutters You Need

Seamless Gutters: What Are They and Why Are They the Gutters You Need

The typical homeowner doesn’t think about the gutters on a home until we notice waterfalls after a rainstorm. If a gutter is clogged, the water has nowhere to go, but over the edge of the gutter, creating a waterfall effect. Standing water in a gutter can create rust or corrosion issues which must be addressed before the gutter completely falls apart. A regular inspection of a gutter system is a wise line item for a home maintenance program. 

Perhaps your gutter system has failed and it is time to replace it. Or are you building a new home and it’s time to think about gutters? Seamless gutters have amazing advantages over other gutter systems and should be considered when it is time to install a gutter system. 

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What is a Seamless Gutter? 

A seamless gutter is a long continuous piece of material measured and installed as one piece. Gutters can be made of aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel. The design is for limited joints, seams, and fasteners. Seamless gutters far surpass the traditional sectional gutter system, which are individual pieces fastened together to create the span desired. 

What are some benefits of a seamless gutter system? 

Fewer Joints

As stated above, seamless gutters are custom fit to your home’s roof as one long span. There is no need for fasteners or joints to hold the pieces together. This ensures fewer areas for debris buildup and less leakage. Seamless gutters offer the advantage of water flow to the downspouts, with minimal debris buildup created by joints, as in a sectional gutter system. There is a minimal possibility of mold and mildew near the roof with a seamless gutter system. This is because water can easily flow without hiccups of joints. Mold and mildew can occur when water is forced to remain in one area for a time, usually caused by debris collection.

Custom Fit

As mentioned above, a seamless gutter system is custom-cut on-site. The area of the roof is measured, the gutter is cut, and then immediately installed. There is a cleaner, more attractive appearance with a seamless gutter system. Shull Construction in Great Bend has the skill and expertise to correctly fit seamless gutters to your home for a finished crisp look.  

Long Lasting

The lifespan for seamless gutters is an attractive benefit! With proper maintenance and regular inspections, these systems can last nearly 30 years. Considering the lack of joints and fasteners, there are fewer areas for corrosion and rust. 

Less Maintenance

The desired goal of a successful gutter system is diverting the excess water from the roof, to the downspouts, and away from the home. A solid seamless system can complete this job. Maintenance involves cleaning out the system by using a hose and making sure the water successfully flows through. There are times when a branch or twig may land in the gutter, but the removal is quick and simple. 

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Attractive Appearance

Many homeowners desire a uniform look to the exterior of their home, therefore choosing a matching color for the gutter is key. Shull Construction can help you find the right match and improve the curb appeal of your home. 

Gutters are an essential component of a well-maintained working home. Seamless gutters offer low maintenance, are long-lasting, and can improve the curb appeal of your home for years to come. Trust the professionals at Shull Construction in Great Bend to assist you with your gutter installation. We are the trusted team you can rely on! 





What Will I Pay for a Cedar Roof in Great Bend?

What Will I Pay for a Cedar Roof in Great Bend?

If you are looking for a stunning new roofing material that will set your home apart from others in the area, consider synthetic cedar roofing. This amazing roofing material will not let you down and will delight the curb appeal of your home for years to come. 

What will I pay for a new cedar roof in Great Bend? That is a perfect place to start. The average cost to install a synthetic cedar roof in Great Bend will be between $18,000 and $51,750. This price difference is based on the size of your home, the specific product chosen, and any other factors the roofing contractor will use to calculate the cost. This will break down to approximately $1240 to $1725 per square for your cedar roof.  To know an accurate estimate for your particular home, contact Shull Construction in Great Bend at (620)282-5203. We will be happy to come out, measure your home and discuss the options of a cedar roof

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If, however, you would like to guess on your own the approximate cost of cedar roofing, use the following chart to determine the cost. It is figured in roofing squares. A roofing square is equal to the footprint size of your home in square feet divided by 100. 

10 square roof: $12,400 to $17,250

15 square roof: $18,600 to $25,875

20 square roof: $24,800 to $34,500

25 square roof: $31,000 to $43,125

30 square roof: $37,200 to $51,750

What exactly is cedar roofing? 

This type of roofing material is made out of cedar trees that come from the Northwest United States or Southwest Canada. To make these unique and amazing shingles, they take large cedar trees and cut the into 2-foot sections and hand split them or saw them into tapered thickness. The exceptional quality and look of this roof make them stand out against other roofing materials. (Learn about Synthetic Cedar Roof)

What are some benefits of cedar roofing?

Curb Appeal

This product sets your home apart from the neighbors on the block! The natural wood makes it a unique and beautiful roofing choice. This product has been used on homes since the 1800s and remains an option for good reason! The timelessness of cedar is unmatched. 

Pleasant Fragrance

Cedar has one of the most sought-after smells in a home. The fresh smell of cedar can lend to the charm and coziness of a recently built home. When trying to sell a home, the smell is a sense to nail down, That is why there are candles lit and warm cookies on the counter. Cedar has a way of bringing a sense of peace to the buyer entering the home much as candles and cookies do. 


Thankfully, cedar is a lightweight product that doesn’t add additional weight to the frame of a home. Therefore, most homes can support the weight of cedar. 

Repels Insects

Many have concerns that natural wood will attract insects, but cedar has the opposite effect. Termites, especially, have an aversion to cedar. There is a chemical within the cedar planking that termites abhor. Therefore, a home with this type of roofing material will have minimal if any complications with termites and other insects. 

cedar roof cost, synthetic cedar roof, roof replacement, Great Bend

The list continues for the benefits of cedar roofing material. To learn more and have a free estimate for your particular home, look to Shull Construction for guidance!  We have a team of specialized professionals ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to roofing. Your home’s safety and your satisfaction are top priorities at Shull Construction. We strive to do our best with every job, regardless of size.

Contact us today and learn why we are one of the top roofing contractors in the Great Bend area! 



Gutter Maintenance: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Gutters Healthy

Gutter Maintenance: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Gutters Healthy

There are many benefits and perks of owning a home, but for many people, maintaining their home’s gutters is not high on the proverbial list. A home’s gutters require regular maintenance to ensure that the structural integrity of the home stays intact so that its inhabitants can truly enjoy living in the space.

Malfunctioning gutters can result in the flooding of your home’s basement, accumulation of unwanted mold and mildew, and damage to your exterior boards and siding. Making sure that your gutters are installed and functioning properly is an important step that all homeowners should take, but gutter installation and upgrade is not a one-and-done deal. Here are four tips to help you take care of your gutters so that they can do their job and protect your home.

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Check Your Gutter Positioning

The positioning of your gutters is very important, and it’s time well spent checking these periodically to make sure that it’s just right. Gutters positioned without adequate slope won’t move unwanted water away from the home or may hinder water drainage altogether, whereas too much gutter slope will cause water to drain too quickly and forcefully away from the house, resulting in damage to your home’s exterior.

Experts recommend sloping your gutters one-fourth of an inch for every 10 feet of gutter. The tilt of the gutters may need to be adjusted as well to ensure that they are not leaning too far forward or too far backward and thus not draining water effectively, so be sure to check that as well as the slope.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

A hose will do the trick to clean out your gutters, whereas something with a bit more power may be needed to dislodge objects like compacted leaves, pine needles, and twigs from your downspouts. You’ll be glad you took the time to clear them and thus ensure that your entire gutter system is running smoothly and correctly.

Experts recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year, ideally in the spring and again in the fall. Keep in mind that if you live in an area that is heavily populated with trees, you may have to increase your annual gutter cleaning schedule to as frequently as twice a week to keep your gutters clear.

Install a Gutter Cover or Helmet

Gutter helmets or covers may assist in keeping large objects of debris from clogging up your gutters, but if you live in an area populated with a lot of trees, like pine, you will need to inspect these regularly to ensure that they are free of pine needles, leaves, and other debris. While a helmet typically snaps onto the top front of the gutter and drains through a cutout at the end of it, a helmet cover is flat and sits on top of the gutter, acting like a drain with its perforated screen. (What is Gutter Guards?)

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Upgrade Your Gutters with Guards

Although your home may already be outfitted with gutters, they may need to be upgraded with the addition of gutter guards. If you’ve ever checked the perimeter of your home after a heavy rainfall and noticed that there is dirt splashed up onto the side of your home, or the dirt around your home has been disturbed due to the force of the rainfall hitting the ground, you might want to consider installing guards.

Gutter guards installation should ensure that water is effectively drained away from the home and adequately protect your roof from unwanted mold and mildew damage. If you live in an area that is heavily populated with trees, guards can prevent leaves and large pieces of debris from clogging up your gutters. To maintain your guards, check and clean them out at least two times a year.

Ready To Hire a Professional?

If the idea of climbing up to the top of your home on a ladder with supplies in tow to inspect and de-clog your gutters sends you into a state of panic, don’t worry. Shull Construction specializes in this type of home maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about completing the task yourself.

Get online to request a free inspection, and be sure to give them the necessary information about the type of gutter system you have installed on your home so that they can better assess if they can clean your gutters to your satisfaction.


Start the Year Off Right with These Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Year Ahead

Start the Year Off Right with These Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Year Ahead

A key component to a long life for your roof is proper nurturing. Too many feel that a roof installed by professionals never needs to be maintained again. The installers did the main part, and you need to continue with the upkeep. It isn’t difficult to do, it just needs to be done. If we choose not to maintain our roofs, we may need a new roof long before its potential lifespan is up.  

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare your roof for the year ahead: 

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Schedule a Maintenance Program

Grab your calendar and mark out two days in the year, about six months apart, that you will do a little maintenance on your roof. The list of items doesn’t need to be long. A few moments of upkeep and then you are off to do the things you enjoy, like playing golf or reading a good book. The best time to do this program is once in the spring, and then once in the fall, which will allow you to prepare the roof for the summer storms and the winter snowpack. 

Please use extreme caution when climbing on the roof. Ask for a friend to hold the ladder and be your assistant while you are doing this work. Wear appropriate footwear to secure your steps and use extreme caution. 

If you have concerns about doing these maintenance items, contact a trusted roofing professional for assistance. Shull Construction in Salina should be the company you call for all of your roofing needs. Their phone number is (785)833-2007, and they are available 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. 

Here are three things to include in your maintenance plan:

  • Sweep the surface of the roof free of any debris. This could be leaves, twigs, bird’s nests, or any other debris that has made its landing spot on your roof. This task shouldn’t take very long at all. Many times, the wind will do most of the work for you. 
  • Clean out the gutter and downspout system. Leaves and debris will find their way into the gutters preventing water from flowing freely. If not properly cleaned out, it could become a problem in the winter months when ice is a factor. The temperature changes could begin to create ice dams and form near the gutter system. Take the time to run water through the gutters with a hose to clean them out. 
  • Clean off any moss, mildew, or algae that have begun to form. This will usually occur under the shade of a tree, or on the north side of the home. Moss can create huge problems because of its ability to hold water. This moisture build-up is not good if there are leaks in the asphalt shingles, as it will seep down through the layers. 

Invest in Preventative Measures

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Benjamin Franklin has been noted as saying this to a group of firemen declaring it is better to be prepared than to find a solution. Use the same approach toward maintaining your roof. 

  • Attic – Do you have enough insulation in the attic area? This is a vitally important step in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and will prevent water vapor from pooling on the underside of the roof. 
  • Ventilation – Make sure the vents are debris-free so air can flow freely. 
  • Trim overhanging branches or limbs – Trees are beautiful and wonderful additions to a property but can be rough on a roof during a major storm. 

Catch Problems Early

Keep an eye out for damaged, curled, missing, or split shingles. These should be replaced right away to prevent future costly repairs. Make sure the gutters are firmly attached to the home. Keep an eye open for any damp spots on the roof which may indicate other damage issues that need to be addressed. 

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Keep Shull Roofing’s Phone Number Near

We are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have with your roof, especially when it comes to keeping the integrity of your roof intact. We have years of experience and superior customer service and strive to set high standards with everything we do. Shull Construction’s goal is simple: To earn your trust. 

Call today for a free inspection and let’s keep your roof going strong! 




Maintenance Steps to Keep Your Roof Safe in the New Year and Beyond

Maintenance Steps to Keep Your Roof Safe in the New Year and Beyond

It’s a new year, and as every homeowner knows, there’s a lot of maintenance that goes along with owning a home. The roof is just one of the many things you’ll have to keep an eye on, and it’s one of the most important aspects of the home. It does a big job keeping you safe, warm, and dry, so showing a little love to it is a great way to start the year off right.

Here are five tips for Great Bend homeowners we’ve put together to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your roof in good shape all year long.

roof maintenance, roof repair, Great Bend

Clean Your Roof Regularly

Make an effort to keep the roof as clean as possible. Remove any debris that’s fallen and wash the roof off if you can. If you notice any moss or algae growth, give the roof a quick cleaning with a solution of water and chlorine bleach. If you’re not comfortable getting up on your roof – and it can be very dangerous – call in local roofing experts to do it for you.

Get Your Roof Inspected Regularly

The best way to keep your roof in tip-top shape is to have a roof inspection done regularly. Roof inspections uncover minor damage or other issues before they get serious, which can save you money. And having your roof inspected by professionals a couple of times a year gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re taking care of your most significant investment – your home.

Inspect Damaged Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles need to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible so that water doesn’t seep underneath, causing mold, mildew, and wood rot. If left unattended, algae and moss may also start growing underneath loose shingles, leading to further roof damage. A contractor who specializes in premier roofing in Great Bend can inspect the roof for you and make suggestions about what needs to be done.

Perform Gutter Maintenance

Gutters need a little maintenance, too. Keep your gutters cleaned out and clear of debris. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up underneath the roof, resulting in moisture-related problems such as water stains and mildew. Inspect your gutters regularly to make sure they’re firmly attached to the roof. Hanging gutters can cause the fascia to pull away from the roof, which also lets moisture in. (Tips for when hiring an arborist to avoid gutter clogs)

Trim Overhanging Branches

Mature trees in the backyard may be aesthetically pleasing, but falling branches can do a number on your roof. One of the first steps in maintaining your roof is to trim branches back away from the house. Not only does this help alleviate the possibility that a falling branch will damage your shingles, but it also helps keep small branches and leaves from clogging your gutters. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming the branches yourself, hire a professional to do it. And when storms come rolling through, make sure you call for residential storm damage cleanup for your Great Bend home. The cleanup will probably involve downed branches.

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Shull Construction Offers Free Roof Inspections

If you’re looking for help keeping your roof in shape, Shull Construction is the company to call. As a premier roofing company in Great Bend, Shull Construction offers free roof inspections to homeowners throughout the Great Bend area. Contact us today to schedule yours!