New Year, New Roof: 5 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in 2023

Jan 10, 2023Blog, Emporia, Kansas, Roof Replacement

The roof of your home is one of your greatest assets. A roof protects you and your family from rough weather conditions, keeps you safe, and offers a shell to keep the comfortable temperatures inside. We should schedule regular inspections in order to keep our roof working in tip-top shape. If part of your roof begins to diminish and doesn’t hold up to the needs, a replacement will be needed before more damage can be done. 

Who would you trust to inspect your roof and give an honest assessment? Look no further than Shull Roofing in Emporia. We have been serving the local areas for over 20 years, providing the highest quality materials and professional customer service. 

Roof Replacement

So, what if you do need to replace your roof in 2023? What are the benefits? Here are five key points. 

Saving Money

Yes, it does cost a substantial amount to install a new roof. However, with financing options through Shull Roofing, a quality roof doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Secondly, the monthly energy savings can quickly add up. A properly installed roof can prevent warm air from escaping in the winter, and keep the cool air inside during the heat of summer. By ensuring the roof serves its purpose as a barrier to the weather elements, the heating and cooling system in the home will run less. 



A strong solid roof is able to protect the family and possessions from falling debris, trees, and strong winds. When a roof has been previously damaged, it can’t support the outdoor elements as well as it should. Therefore, the integrity of the roof is compromised. As a roof ages, its strength can be diminished causing areas to become weak. Make sure you have a solid strong roof protecting your family. 

Please use caution when inspecting your roof. If you have concerns, contact us to take a look at them for you. 


Increased Home Value

By installing a new roof, the value of your home and curb appeal greatly increases. The return on investment is often near 68% of the cost of the roofing project. These are things to consider, especially if you are thinking of moving in 2023. When a potential buyer enters the driveway and takes a first glance at the home, the roof is one of the most important items they look at. If it is tattered, broken, and messy, the homeowner has created a judgment and many times has already decided this home is not a good fit. A fresh, strong, solid roof is an enticing invitation to the potential buyer. 


Insurance Savings

Give a call to your insurance agent and chat about the savings in premiums available with a newer roof. Many times policies are no longer valid if the roof is more than 20 years old. It is wise to protect your family and make sure you fully understand your particular policy. 

Roof Replacement


Manufacturers have greatly increased the benefits of their products as the years have passed. Due to this, companies are able to offer incredible warranties on workmanship, and the products purchased. Be sure to discuss with Shull Roofing the warranties offered on a new roofing system. 

When the job is completed, Shull Roofing Emporia is not satisfied until you are. Our reviews speak for themselves, among your neighbors and friends. We also have amazing reviews from trusted companies such as Malarky, GAF, and Certainteed. Hire a team of roofing experts you can trust!