Life in Tornado Alley: Preparing Your Salina Roof for Spring Storms

Mar 17, 2023Blog, Roof Maintenance, Salina, Storm Damage

According to Kansas records, Salina is a hot spot for tornadoes. In a quick internet search, videos and reports can readily be found showing the different tornadoes and how they have impacted the Salina area. This is a clear indicator that tornadoes will happen at some point if you live in Tornado Alley. Being prepared for the disaster and knowing what to do if your roof sustains damage is imperative during a springtime storm. 

Be Prepared

This simple motto has been vocalized for decades by the Boy Scouts of America organization. Being prepared is the same as being proactive. Don’t wait until damages happen before you access some problems. For example, check your gutter system. Of course, in a tornado, your gutter system won’t hold the house together. However, in springtime rainstorms, the gutter system must work efficiently to divert away from the home to a safe location. If your gutters are clogged or blocked with debris, the water will only spill over the edges like a waterfall.  


roof leaks Shull Remodeling - Salina

After the storms pass, do a thorough check for any areas of leakage. In addition, do you notice discoloration on the ceilings of your attic? What about the walls of your attic, are they discolored with water stains? Water damage can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Make sure to have these areas addressed and sealed up before the damage increases.

Trim Back Overhanging Trees

This project may require some outside professional assistance. The trees don’t stop growing just because they extend over your home. You need to make sure they are trimmed back so a fierce spring storm doesn’t break off limbs or branches on your roof causing extensive damage.  

Buy Some Tarps

This seems easy, but it is indeed essential. When spring storms arrive, shingles have the potential of flying off and leaving the roof open and vulnerable. Have some tarps set aside to protect the area until a roofing contractor can do the storm damage repairs

tornado roof damage Salina

Review Your Insurance 

Pull out the homeowner’s policy and do a quick review of what to do, and what is covered in a nasty storm. It is wise to have this information ready in case it is needed. Keep the roof warranty information with your insurance policy for easy access as well. Snap a few photos of what your roof looks like on a normal day, so there is something to compare it to after the storms do their dirty work. 

Remove Debris From the Roof

This may seem simple as well, but on a nice day, make sure any branches, twigs, nests, or other unessential items are removed from the surface of the roof. You don’t need to add to the damage a storm can do on its own. 

Inspect the Roof

Before the storm season, have your roof inspected yearly for areas of weakness or sections to repair. In a storm, these areas could be vulnerable to extensive damage. Place your trust in Shull Roofing in Salina to yearly inspect your roof and fix any areas that need attention. 

It isn’t comforting to live in Tornado Alley and understand the potential for nasty storms. However, being prepared for the worst can make the whole situation slightly more bearable. Shull Roofing will be right there with you! We know the weather devastation that can happen because we live right here in this community with you. We can stand arm in arm with you and face roof damage together.  

Call today and let’s plan ahead for the upcoming spring storm season with a thorough inspection, and hope the storms pass us by with minimal complications.