Replacement Windows: Why We Trust ProVia for Our New Windows

Apr 22, 2023Blog, Great Bend, Kansas, Replacement Windows

Whether your goal is to improve the appearance of your home, increase its value or prepare it for selling, upgrading your windows is a wise choice. Not only can new windows improve the value and curb appeal of your home, but almost 30% of a home’s energy can escape through poorly insulated windows, according to the US Department of Energy. Therefore, installing new windows can assist with your monthly energy bill as well. 

Energy Savings

Do you feel a draft when you pass by your windows in the chilly winter months? That cold air entering your home is burning a hole in your wallet through higher energy bills. New ProVia windows can seal up the area with better insulation and reduce those drafts. This will allow a reduction in wear and tear on your HVAC unit attempting to keep your home temperature comfortable, use less energy, and save a few bucks every month.  

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Increased Comfort

Similar to the above benefit, the interior of your home will be more comfortable when new ProVia windows are installed. New windows come with double or triple panes of glass and a thin layer of argon gas between those panes. This technology reduces the transfer of the sun’s rays in the hot summer months. 

Increased Value

As with most home improvement projects, window replacements offer an amazing return on investment. Some reports show a return of nearly 72%! Brand new windows appeal to a buyer because they know these windows will last for decades. 

Noise Reduction

New ProVia windows can assist with the reduction of excessive noise pollution. Insulating frames and triple-pane glass helps to eliminate noise from traffic, lawnmowers, and barking dogs. This will allow for a peaceful environment in your home. 

Low Maintenance

The upgraded window material offers low maintenance which is excellent for the homeowner. You can opt for convenient between-the-glass blinds that will reduce the dust particles in your home, for starters. Perhaps you decide on the tilting glass option which will assist with cleaning. The homeowner doesn’t need to stand on a ladder outside anymore when trying to clean windows. Just tilt the window in, and clean away the dirt and grime!  

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New window technology offers them being made of tempered or laminated glass. New windows have safety features like locks and sensors that make them more difficult to force open and break from the outside. New technology offers better functionality than older windows, which provides an easier way to escape during house fires or other emergencies.

Curb Appeal

As noted above, replacement windows can increase the value of your home, offering a more attractive curb appeal. Depending on the type of window you choose, the style of your home can alter. Perhaps you desire French panes rather than large single-glass windows. Window options from ProVia are endless when it comes to the design and appearance of your home.

Shull Remodeling in Great Bend is here to help you with replacement ProVia windows! It’s vitally important to have professionals install these new windows for you, considering the complexity of the process. Through many years of installing new windows, we have created a successful and efficient process.

  • Free Consultation – give us a call and we can easily set up an appointment to discuss your window needs. 
  • Prep Work – We strive to protect the interior of your home, as well as nearby shrubs, trees, and landscaping. 
  • Window Installation – We only offer top-of-the-line products and the best-in-class craftsmanship. We will work efficiently and quickly to seal up your home with new windows. 
  • Clean-up – We will clean up after ourselves, making sure to be respectful of your property.
  • Commitment – We are happy to answer any questions regarding your new windows. We seek 100% customer satisfaction. 

At Shull Remodeling in Great Bend, our team of windows replacement professionals in Great Bend is experienced, highly trained, and qualified to care for your home as if it were our own. We strive to offer nothing less than the best in service, from start to finish. Call us today and let’s discuss upgrading the comfort and value of your home with new windows!