Huge Hail: How Big Does Hail Need to Be to Damage Your Roof

Jun 5, 2023Blog, Hail Damage, Salina, Storm Damage

The residents of Salina are quite familiar with a variety of weather conditions and patterns. Springtime in this area of the country boasts thunderstorms, massive hail, and damaging winds. During the last 12 months, trained spotters have reported 41 on-the-ground hail, 16 severe weather warnings, and Doppler Radar has detected hail on 6 occasions according to research done at Hail Map for Salina, KS.

What is the Smallest Amount of Hail Needed to Damage a Roof? 

To properly answer this question, the homeowner must understand and be aware of the age of their roof and the quality of materials used. Obviously, if the roof is nearing the end of its useful life, it may not take much to cause some damage. Likewise, if an inferior product is used, or it was haphazardly installed, the damages can be more severe. 

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What Damage Occurs to a Roof Based on Hail Size? 

¼” hail – Pea-sized – A “safe” hail. This size of hail doesn’t tend to last very long, and the force against the roof is minimal. 

½” sized hail – Marble-sized – Most generally, this size of hail won’t cause great damage, unless a storm gains strong winds and intensity. If a roof has some previously damaged areas, the hail can puncture these areas and increase the depth of damage. 

¾” to 1” – Now we are beginning to shift the discussion and discuss hail damage to a roof. When stones of hail begin to increase in size, a trusted roofing company should be contacted after the storm has passed. There is a good chance some areas may need repair. 

As hail increases in size, damages can occur in the form of dents, cracks, splits, and breaks in the roofing material and/or siding. Leaving these areas unattended after a storm is only asking for trouble when the next storm approaches. 

1 ¼” and Larger – Golf ball size and larger – Take a deep breath and have the phone handy because hail this size pounding on your home can cause substantial damage. Not only to your roof but also to any vehicles left outside. These pounding chunks of ice can cause intense rips in the siding, broken windows, ripped screens, and broken shingles. 

Hail is just part of the springtime season, and soon it will pass. Be prepared when you see a storm approaching to move all outdoor furniture and vehicles into a safe area. Be sure the children come inside where it is safe, and advise them to stay away from windows and doors. When fierce winds accompany some of these feisty hail and thunderstorms, it is hard to predict the outcome. 

Place your trust in a roofing company that will experience that same storm you did. Shull Remodeling is a local contractor ready to assist you with an inspection and any roof repairs that may be needed. Don’t panic, and understand it is just part of the season. We can work together with your insurance company and take the proper steps to repair your home to its former glory.