How Tornadoes Impact Your Roofing

How Tornadoes Impact Your Roofing

Tornado winds are known to reach speeds of 110 mph to over 250 mph. Anything standing in its way is sure to get smashed to smithereens. When a tornado comes to town and is anywhere near your home, your house will most likely suffer from some sort of wind damage. Wind damage can include things like missing roof tiles, broken gutters, crumpled chimneys, and more. In an area like Salina, tornadoes are a frequent occurrence. That’s why as a homeowner, it’s wise to know what you can expect when the next one makes landfall.

Tornado Damage You Can Expect

Wind Damage

Wind damage can significantly affect both the appearance and function of your roof. Even if you cannot see visible damage to your roof, it’s always possible there are underlying issues that need to be inspected and repaired. It is essential to schedule a roof inspection immediately after any windy storm or tornado has passed.

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Damaging Debris

With such high winds, tornados often blow around flying debris. When these items are thrown against your roof, they can cause damage to your shingles, dents in your roof, and even puncture holes in your walls.

Vulnerable Areas

Chimneys and areas with flashing are all vulnerable parts of your roof during a tornado or storm. These areas should be closely inspected because if those areas are damaged, your home is susceptible to leaks or water damage. The sooner you are able to repair any damage done during a tornado, the less likely your home will experience secondary damage from future storms.

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How to Prepare Your Roof For A Storm

One of the best ways to prepare for the next impending storm is to ensure your roof is in its best shape. An easy way to do this is by scheduling routine roof inspections and staying on top of necessary roof repairs. Our team of professionals at Shull Remodeling & Construction in Salina is happy to help assist in securing your roof and home for an upcoming storm.

When it comes to roofs and gutters, even in the event of a tornado, you know that you can rely on the trusted roofing professionals at Shull Remodeling & Construction. We are dedicated to keeping our community safe from the elements and their homes looking good. When you partner with us, you can trust that your Salina home’s roofing system has a dedicated roofing team for life.