What is the Typical Cost of a Metal Roof in Ellinwood?

What is the Typical Cost of a Metal Roof in Ellinwood?


Does a metal roof peak your interest and you’re curious what a metal roof installation would cost? In Ellinwood, Kansas, where weather extremes demand resilient roofing solutions, many homeowners are choosing to install metal roofing for their homes. Your roof is the first line of defense between you and the harsh winds, tornadoes, and hail in Ellinwood and metal roofing provides unmatched durability against extreme weather. 

So, what is the average metal roof cost in Ellinwood and what types of metal roofing do Ellinwood homeowners love? 

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • The typical cost of a metal roof replacement and various factors that influence it
  • The metal roofing types that we install in Ellinwood
  • The benefits of metal roofing for your home
  • Information about Shull Roofing

The Cost of a Metal Roof in Ellinwood: What Factors Influence It?

So, what will it cost to have a new metal roof installed on your home in Ellinwood? In general, Ellinwood homeowners spend roughly $25,000 to have a metal roof installed in Ellinwood. That being said, each home is unique and the final cost of your upcoming roof installation will vary depending on the size and slope of your home, your specific location, and the type of metal roofing system that you choose. If you have any questions about what your roof installation will cost, call our roofing team today to get a more accurate quote and discuss the different metal roofing options that are available.  


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The Metal Roofing Types That We Install in Ellinwood

Central State Pro Panel Roofing

At Shull Roofing, we are proud to provide both residential and commercial properties with Central State Pro Panel roofing. These panels come in a wide range of superior metal building products and are perfectly suited for any construction need. Central States® features a lifetime paint warranty on every product that features their specific combination of everything that goes into making high-quality metal panels.

DECRA Metal Roofing 

Decra is an innovative, high-endurance, and breathtaking metal roofing design that is known for its durability. It has interlocked panels and is created by combining steel with a stone-coated finish. There are a variety of color options, so homeowners can customize their metal roofing system. If you’re looking for a unique metal roofing system that has both functionality and aesthetics, then Decra metal roofing is a great choice for your new metal roofing.

Standing-Seam Metal Roofing 

A standing-seam metal roof has a sleek appearance and its interlocking vertical panel design means that it can stand against a variety of bad weather. Standing-seam metal roofing is a great choice if you want something with durability and a modern look. This roofing type comes in a variety of seam types such as snap-lock, batten panel, and mechanical lock. Depending on the climate of your specific location, you can choose a seam type that will best protect your home or business. 


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The Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home

A Long Lifespan: Metal roofing is known to have a long lifespan and will usually last around 40 to 50 years if it has been properly installed and well maintained. Some metal roofs even last up to 70 years. 

Low Maintenance: We recommend having your metal roof serviced once a year to protect its longevity, but the list of services required for a metal roof is refreshingly short! Key maintenance includes treating scratches, corrosion, and scuffs, and replacing any old and worn-down fasteners. 

Exceptionally Durable: Due to rust-proof coatings, metal roofing won’t crack or corrode. In addition, metal roofing typically leaks less than other traditional roofing types and most premium metal roofs are given a Class A fire resistance rating. 

Shull Roofing: Your Go-To Metal Roof Experts in Ellinwood 

Metal roofing stands out as a fantastic roofing choice due to its energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, durability, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance requirements. At Shull Roofing, we take pride in being a reliable Ellinwood roofing contractor. Our high-quality metal roofing solutions will enhance your home’s appeal, functionality, and strength.

When you choose Shull Roofing, you can rest assured that your home is in the best hands and that you will receive superior workmanship, thoughtful communication, unmatched attention to detail, and reliable roofing results. Call today to learn more about the metal roofing services that we provide!