6/23/22 – Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down In Central Kansas

6/23/22 – Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down In Central Kansas

Warning signs of the impending storm were present as early as Tuesday. Meteorologists warned residents to prepare for some stormy weather over the next couple of days. They were told to expect high winds, rainfall as well as some hail. In the early hours of Wednesday, some intense storms rolled into the city of Wichita. The storm whipped through the town with some powerful winds, heavy rains, and hailfall. The winds knocked the power out of 5000 homes and took parts of the roofing of a local business. Severe thunderstorm warnings were quickly placed on the area, as well as tornado warnings for central Kansas.

In the towns of Bentley and Andale, powerful straight-line winds and heavy rains washed across the area, leaving destruction in its wake. Several trees were toppled over, just narrowly missing homes. Residents noted that the storm was so intense that they could barely make out anything in front of them. Residents were told to take cover and, if they could, to camp out in their basements until the storm passed.

During the late afternoon on Thursday, some funnel clouds were spotted over the Durrance and Bunker Hill areas. Residents were advised to seek shelter and to avoid traveling during this time. Tornado warnings were also in effect for Ellsworth, Lincoln, and Russel counties. In Bunker Hill, a short-lived cone tornado touched down with no reported damage.

Hail the size of goofballs also smacked into parts of Central Texas, causing some significant damages. A bank in Luray had its windows entirely smashed by the hailfall.

The sheer power of the tornado winds managed to topple a semi-automatic truck as well as an RV along highway I-70. Heavy rains caused some flooding in Bunker Hill, and drivers were advised to avoid flooded areas as much as possible.

A tornado warning was issued for the city of Saline as meteorologists spotted some intense cloud rotation in the area. A brief tornado later touched down in Glendale with no reported damage.

Winds moving at 60mph and ping-pong-sized hail littered the area until the storm eventually weakened and dissipated.

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