4/20/23 Severe Storms and Hail Blast Parts of Kansas

Apr 21, 2023Blog, Kansas, Local News, Storm Damage

Areas of Kansas were devasted Wednesday, April 19, 2023, as a massive storm canvassed the area with quarter-sized hail up to ping-pong and teacup-sized hail. The damages were extensive and the cleanup from downed trees and broken branches may take days.

What: Hail, up to tea cup size  

When: April 19, 2023

Where: Tipton, Ellsworth, Hoisington, Claflin, Bushton, Peabody, Florence, Elmdale, Strong City, Cottonwood Falls, Americus, Kansas


KSN TV reported several areas of Kansas were affected by the severe storm that delivered funnel clouds, hail, and massive storm clouds. 


Strong winds, broken trees, quarter-sized hail, and damaged power lines were evident as the storm ravished the area. Some areas, such as Tipton and Peabody,  reported hail up to ping-pong size.


Hail larger than 1” can create damage, and a professional inspection is advised now that the storm has passed. What are some ways this size hail can damage your home? 

  • Create dents in shingles
  • Bruise the underlayment
  • Dented or cracked siding
  • Rip holes in window and/or door screens
  • An excessive amount of granular loss

Hail, closer to what Tipton and Peabody experienced, can create even more complications. Add to the above list,

  • Broken ridge caps or roof vents
  • Even more destruction to siding, including areas being torn off
  • Cracks in doors and windows from impact

Add to this, the strong winds, and your home can be hit by falling trees, broken branches, or areas of roof materials ripped off the home. 


Contact Shull Remodeling and Construction for assistance in a full and thorough inspection and guidance on any repairs needed. Don’t wait to get the areas fixed or another storm may create more damage. We are just beginning storm season in the Kansas area. Keep your home safe this season and call Shull Remodeling and Construction for assistance.