The Cost Of Tile Roofing In Great Bend

Jun 17, 2022Blog, Costs, Great Bend, Tile Roofing

You can expect to pay between $50,000 and $80,000 for a tile roofing replacement in Great Bend. On average, roof tiles in Great Bend cost $20 to $30 per square foot. The total cost of your tile roofing replacement project depends on the size of your home, the type of tiles you install, and the labor costs of your reliable roofing company in Great Bend.

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The Cost Of Tile Roofing In Great Bend

Tile is a leading premium roofing material in Great Bend. This excellent roofing material is renowned for its incredible strength, durability, and visual appeal. When you install a brand new metal rooftop, you never have to worry about installing another rooftop again. That’s right, a tile roofing system lasts for hundreds of years. Give your home the roof it deserves with the help of Shull Roofing.

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Roof Inspection

It’s vital to hire a professional roof inspector to inspect your Great Bend rooftop before making any roof installation plans or decisions. This is because your roofing inspector will be able to clarify if your roofing structures are strong enough to carry a tile rooftop or if they need to be strengthened with added support.

Types of Tile Roofing

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are made by molding clay into a specific tile shape and baking them until they harden. The clay tile’s density and weight are determined by the temperature at which the clay was baked and the duration of the baking process. Premium clay tiles tend to be baked for incredibly long periods and under high temperatures.

Clay tiles are usually available in rich red, brown, orange, or terracotta hues. These warm colors are what make them so distinctive among other roofing materials. Baking them at high temperatures makes the roofing material highly durable and helps it maintain its beautiful color. Clay tile roofing systems are renowned for lasting more than a lifetime. Their durability, sustainability, and low maintenance upkeep make them a favorite among homeowners worldwide.

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Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles consist of a mixture of sand, cement, aggregate, and water. Much like clay tiles, concrete tiles are baked under high temperatures where they are hardened and strengthened. Concrete’s natural color is a plain gray hue; however, homeowners are free to paint and coat the roofing material in whatever color they desire. The great thing about concrete is that it can be made to imitate other roofing materials. It can be molded and shaped to mimic clay tiles, slate, wood shakes, and more.

However, compared to clay tiles, concrete has a much shorter lifespan; the roofing material tends to last a little more than 50 years. Their upkeep is similar to that of clay tiles; however, if you don’t enjoy the rugged look that concrete tiles afford homeowners, you can pay a little more attention to your concrete roofing system.


A tile roof installation takes about three days to complete and requires a professional tile installation specialist to complete the job accurately. Because these rooftops require a specialist for their installation, homeowners will pay more for their installation compared to other roofing materials.

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