5 Common Problem Areas on Commercial Roofs

May 22, 2023Blog, Commercial Roof Damage, Great Bend, Kansas

Owning a business takes a great deal of work and dedication. If you have a building you work out of, upkeep on the building needs to be a line item on your yearly to-do list. You must keep your property in tip-top shape and not neglect the building. 

Perhaps you own an apartment complex or assisted living facility and must ensure the safety of the building for your residents who place their trust in you. 

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Do you own a shopping center or warehouse? The stores inside depend on you for helping to keep their products safe. 

The pressure can be great when owning a commercial property. One thing to consider, which should be of top priority, is the quality of your roofing system. The roof keeps out the weather elements, ensures quality air temperature indoors, and can also assist with lowering monthly energy bills. Be aware of common problem areas, be proactive, and your roofing system can last for decades. 

Wind Damage 

If your building has a flat roof, a major problem can be wind uplift. This is when the air gets underneath the roof materials and pulls them up. This complication will leave the roof looking like it has bubbles or wrinkles under the surface because the membrane is no longer adhering as it should. 

This is problematic because water can get trapped underneath the surface, and begin to rot the material below. To prevent this damage from happening, flashing should be fastened securely, and regularly inspected. It doesn’t take hurricane forces to create damage to a commercial roof. Wind speeds near 40 to 50 mph are all it takes.

Punctures to the Surface

During storms, branches or other stray materials can land on the roof causing damage in the form of holes or puncture wounds. Take the time to inspect the roof after each major storm and remove the debris as safely as possible. Call Shull Roofing roofing company in Great Bend to seal up the areas of puncture to prevent any water from seeping through. Tears and scrapes can also create areas of future punctures, so keep an eye out for those areas. 

Standing Water

If drains become clogged, the water has nowhere to travel. This forces areas of pooled water to collect on the surface of the building. Standing water can cause the roofing material to deteriorate, which will lead to leaks. Secondly, any critters that have made their homes on the surface of a commercial building now have a continual water source. It is best to remove all pools of water and solve the problem before other complications occur.

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Lack of Proper Maintenance

It is essential to have a commercial roof inspected regularly and have any areas of damage fixed quickly. This will aid in saving both time and money down the road before the potential problems escalate into more complex repairs or possible roof replacement. Proper maintenance is a wise way of keeping your roof functioning for decades. It is better to take a proactive approach, than a reactive one. 

Improper Materials

Just as the contractor is important to screen, be sure to know the proper type of roofing material you need for your building. Using the wrong materials could create issues down the road. For example, restaurants should have a roofing system that can withstand animal fats and grease. The wrong system could break down as the years of cooking and exhaust continue. Have a question-filled conversation with the roofing contractor you are considering using. They should be able to properly provide the answers you need when considering a roofing material. 

Owning a commercial building does have many rewards. However, there is a great deal of work that goes into securing a safe building. Business owners can follow these simple roof maintenance tips to keep their roofs in good condition for years to come. Call Shull Roofing in Great Bend to assist with regular inspections and let’s work together to keep your business moving forward!