The Most Popular Type of Gutters in Salina

The Most Popular Type of Gutters in Salina

Gutters play a crucial role in the safety and protection of your roof and home. Without a proper gutter system, water will spill over the edge of a roof, and possibly leak into the foundation and basement area. There must be a strong complete system to divert the water away from the roof and home to diminish complications. 

Shull Construction in Salina has been installing gutters on people’s homes for years. After determining the right solutions for you and your budget, we install gutters that fit your home’s drainage system needs in a quick and seamless installation process giving your home a finished look that enhances the curb appeal. 

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What are the types of gutter systems we offer?

Seamless Gutter

This gutter system is hard to beat. Our knowledgeable team will visit your home, make measurements and determine the amount of seamless gutter needed. The order will arrive and be assembled directly on your home with ease and safe procedures. This system is tops because it will never crack or split. No worries about fasteners or grooves for debris to get cluttered in. This system allows the water to flow through the gutter and to the downspout with ease. 

K-Style Gutters

Are you looking for a more classy option? This is for you! These gutters nail into the fascia boards with a need for fewer brackets, allowing for a seamless finish and fewer common leaks. They are designed to look like interior trim and can give any home a sophisticated look. They are shaped as a “k”, hence the name. The flat area of the gutter is what is nailed into the fascia board and therefore no brackets are needed. 

Gutter Guard

An additional item to consider is a gutter guard. This type of guard prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from landing in your gutter, restricting the flow of water. The use of gutter guards will also give your home a complete, finished look which can enhance the curb appeal.

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What are some signs of needing new gutters? 

Cracks, splits, or separated gutters

Many times, these happen with sectional gutter systems. The individual gutters are assembled with fasteners and can separate or deteriorate with time. Even a small crack or split will grow over time, preventing the gutter from properly doing its intended job. This gives an ideal time to upgrade to either a seamless or k-style gutter system.

Peeling paint or rust

Most gutters are painted or coated to protect them from the weather. When you begin to notice peeling paint, that is an indication that rust is right around the corner. Rust is an enemy of gutters as the weakened spots soon allow water to drip through. Be sure to replace your gutter system when you notice rust forming. 

Pulling away from the roof

There are two main reasons why your gutter could be pulling away from the roofing system. Perhaps there is too much buildup in the gutters, preventing the water to flow freely. This buildup could be from leaves, small branches, or nesting material for birds and mice. The weight of the debris and water could be too heavy for your gutters to hold, and unfortunately, they begin to pull away from the roof. 

A second reason for pulling away could be that the brackets and fasteners have just worn out. This is an indication that the system has aged, and it is time to replace it before damage to your roof will occur. 

Basement flooding

This unfortunate event can occur because the gutter system is not transferring the water away from the home far enough. There is potential for water to overflow after a great deal of rain, causing the water to seep into your foundation and eventually your basement. 

When the time comes to upgrade or simply replace your gutter system, trust the roofing professionals at Shull Construction in Salina! We have the skills and experience to bring the best products to you. We strive for exceptional customer service and desire your complete satisfaction with every job, large or small. Give us a call, and let’s work together to protect your home with a quality gutter system!