10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Roof Replacement

10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a significant undertaking for any homeowner, and proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and successful process. In the coastal haven of Salina, KS, where the weather can be both sunny and stormy, having a robust and well-maintained roof is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through essential tips to help you prepare for your upcoming roof replacement, ensuring that your investment yields lasting protection and enhances the overall value of your home.

Conduct a Preliminary Roof Inspection

Before diving into the replacement process, start with a preliminary inspection of your existing roof. Look for signs of damage such as missing or damaged shingles, leaks, or sagging areas. Take note of any areas that might need special attention during the replacement.

Choose the Right Roofing Material

Salina experiences a humid subtropical climate, making it essential to choose roofing materials that can withstand the heat, humidity, and occasional storms. Options like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or concrete tiles are popular choices due to their durability and resistance to the elements. Consider the aesthetic appeal, longevity, and maintenance requirements of each material before making a decision.

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Review Local Building Codes and Permits

Every locality, including Salina, has specific building codes and permit requirements for roofing projects. Check with your local building department to understand the regulations governing roof replacements. Ensure that your chosen roofing contractor is aware of and complies with these codes, securing the necessary permits before commencing the work.

Prepare Your Home’s Interior

Roof replacement involves significant activity on your roof, which can sometimes cause vibrations and noise. To protect your home’s interior, particularly delicate items like glassware and wall decorations, consider removing or securing them. Cover furniture with drop cloths to shield it from dust and debris that may find its way inside during the construction.

Clear the Perimeter of Your Home

A roof replacement project generates debris and requires a clear working space around your home. Trim back any overhanging branches that could interfere with the roofing process. Move outdoor furniture, potted plants, or any other items away from the perimeter to ensure a safe and unobstructed workspace for the roofing crew.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

Roof replacement projects can be noisy and disruptive. Inform your neighbors about the upcoming work and provide them with an estimated timeline. Being considerate and transparent can help maintain positive relationships and minimize any inconveniences.

Plan for Alternative Parking

Roof replacement requires easy access to your home, and the roofing crew may need to park their vehicles and store materials near your property. If your driveway is typically used for parking, consider making alternative arrangements during the replacement process.

Secure Pets During Construction

The construction process can be stressful for pets, with the noise and unfamiliar activity. Consider securing your pets in a quiet and comfortable area away from the construction site. This ensures their safety and reduces anxiety during the roof replacement.

Understand the Project Timeline

Before the roof replacement begins, have a clear understanding of the project timeline. Discuss the estimated start and completion dates with Shull Roofing, including any potential factors that might affect the schedule, such as weather conditions.

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Coordinate with Your Roofing Contractor

Communication is key to a successful roof replacement project. Maintain open lines of communication with Shull Roofing, sharing any specific concerns or requirements you may have. A collaborative approach ensures that everyone is on the same page, contributing to a positive and stress-free experience.

Contact Shull Roofing for Your Salina Roof Replacement

As you embark on the journey of roof replacement in Salina, KS, Shull Roofing is your trusted partner. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and a deep understanding of the local climate, Shull Roofing is well-equipped to elevate the protection and aesthetics of your home.

Contact Shull Roofing today to schedule a free roof inspection and consultation. Prepare for a seamless and stress-free roof replacement experience, ensuring that your home is ready to face the coastal elements with resilience and style.

5 Things to Look for in Your Roof When Buying a New Home

5 Things to Look for in Your Roof When Buying a New Home

When buying a new home, there is a massive checklist of things to look at, in-depth conversations with the realtor, financial decisions, and a complete review of the inspection report. All of these tasks are doubled if you have to sell your home as well. The whole process can be stressful, daunting, and overwhelming. 

Let’s just focus on the roof in this article. What must be considered when looking at the roof? Some items can be reviewed from ground level or looked at from a distance. Other items must have a closer view. Here are 5 things you can do as you look the home over.  

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Mold Free

Mold is an indication there is excessive water damage present. Mold is a fungus that grows in different colors. Some mold could be dark or light, green or black. Be sure to look around the areas where water could collect, including any chimneys, pipes, or the gutter system. Not only is mold bad for your roof, but if not addressed, it can seep down into your home and cause damage to your walls and ceilings. Mold can also cause severe health risks if left untreated. Mold and mold spores can spread quickly so this is something to watch out for. 

Do a Thorough Gutter Inspection

Gutters have the main purpose of diverting the water from the roofing surface, away from the foundation, and home. If the gutters are rusty, falling off, pulling away from the roofing material, or barely holding on, the next big thunderstorm could do them in. Look in the home for any evidence of past flooding which could have been a result of a faulty gutter system

Breaks in the Material

Shingles that are breaking, falling apart, cracked, or completely missing are an indication that a new roof is on the horizon. If you notice any of these issues with the shingles, it is wise to double-check the interior again. Do you see evidence of previous water damage? 

Perhaps if it is within your budget, a new roof is something you want to explore if you notice broken or missing shingles. A new roof, depending on the material you choose, could be the last roof you have to install for the remainder of your home ownership. That is something to consider! 

Proper Ventilation

Even though a roof could look wonderful in many ways, if the ventilation system is under par, there will be issues down the road. Roof ventilation not only affects the condition of the roof but the home’s heating and cooling system as well. It provides continuous airflow through the attic. It helps to remove moisture and overheated air, which reduces moisture formation in the home. Too much mold and mildew can become a health hazard, which is a whole other battle to contend with.

A Warped Roof

Look at your potential home from a distance. Does the roofline look wavy? A few reasons why a roofline can look warped are due to the plywood or the felt underneath the shingles, the expansion and contraction from the weather changes, misaligned shingles, or poor craftsmanship. Learn the reasons for the wavy roofline and then a wise decision can be made whether it is work fixing or not. 

The stress that goes into home purchasing can be overwhelming. There are a great number of decisions to be made, in a short amount of time. If you need assistance with a thorough roof inspection, place your trust in Royal Roofing & Solar in Kansas City. We can give you the facts of what is going on with the roof and whether it has life left in it or if a roof replacement is needed. We are here to help make sure you and your family are safe and protected. Give us a call to see if we can help ease your mind as you seek to purchase a new home and new roof in the Kansas City area

Choosing the Best Roof for Your Home to Ring in the New Year

Choosing the Best Roof for Your Home to Ring in the New Year

So, you have decided a new roof is in your future. There are so many considerations and decisions to make. The style, the color, the roofing material, and the company you trust to put on your new roof are all factors to ponder. The options are endless! Let’s break down some of these options, and figure out the best roof for your home in the new year. 

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What roofing options are available for my home?  

Asphalt Roofing

  • Available in traditional three-tab shingles or thicker architectural shingles
  • Inexpensive to moderate cost to install
  • Moderate in weight on the roof
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Simple installation

Metal Roofing

  • Available in sheets, or shingles that resemble other roofing materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Good resistance to wind and fire
  • Moderate to Expensive, depending on the material used

Cedar Roofing

  • Natural look, weathers to a silvery gray
  • Eco-friendly
  • Short lifespan, periodic maintenance needed
  • Moderate in weight
  • Moderate cost 

Slate Roofing

  • Made from natural slate rock
  • Long-lasting, durable
  • Good fire and wind resistant
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy

Will my new roof hold up to Kansas weather?

Considering the weather in Kansas is fairly moderate, choosing any of the roofing materials would be more than adequate. It would be wise to consider the weight of snow on top of your roofing material and have a plan in place for proper snow removal. Some roofing materials require a little more care than others when removing excess snow. Understanding the procedures before winter arrives is a wise option. (Do you want to learn how to remove snow on top of your roofs?)

Is it too heavy for my house frame? 

Contact a trusted professional roofing company to inspect your home if you are in need of roof replacement and determine which roofing system your house frame can hold. Shull Roofing in Salina will be able to spend time with you answering all of your questions, and helping you to weigh the options for your particular home. The decision process can be a little overwhelming, but we do our best to give you peace of mind, and comfort moving forward.  

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Which roof style will complement my home? 

Is your home rustic-looking? A cedar roof would complement it beautifully! Is your home Colonial, French-Chateau, or European in style? If so, lean toward a slate roof, opting for a variety of roofing colors such as gray, black, green, red, or purple. Perhaps your home is Mediterranean or Spanish-styled? Consider a tile roof. The options are endless when it comes to the style of roof. Once again, consult with Shull Roofing Salina to help decide the best roof for your home. 

There are many things to consider when choosing the best roof for your home. Trust the professionals, and get sound advice. We are here to help and know you are going to love the quality of your new roof. We guarantee it! 

Call today for a free inspection.