Larned Residents’ Homes Sustain Storm Damage Following the Severe Weather on Tuesday

Oct 4, 2023Blog, Larned, Local News, Storm Damage

Tuesday evening, the Larned area was hit with a large thunderstorm that brought heavy winds and substantial pieces of hail. The severe weather caused high levels of damage to homes around the Larned region.

What: 60 mph. winds and hail up to 2.90 inches in diameter
When: October 3rd
Where: Larned, KS

Earlier this week, KSN reported on its website that Larned and surrounding areas were impacted by a severe thunderstorm with heavy winds and baseball-sized hail.

If you or someone you know sustained damage to their home from the thunderstorm, here is some information about hail, storm safety tips, and some relief resources for residents in Larned.

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Hail & Damage

Extreme weather can often result in hail, which is a form of ice pellet that can range in size. When hail is around or larger than 1” in diameter, it can cause high levels of damage to your property, home, roof, and belongings. This damage can range from compromised structural integrity of your home to dented roofing and gutters, cracked siding, shattered windows, and ripped screen doors.

According to KSN, residents in and around the Larned area reported broken windows, damaged siding, and fallen trees.

Storm Safety Tips

Here are some ways that you can prepare for an upcoming storm or help reduce potential damage to your home.

Before a Storm:

• Clear out any weak branches near your home and roof
• Bring in any outside furniture or decorations
• Move your car to a safe and covered place

During a Storm:

• Stay inside your home
• Keep away from any windows and doors
• Make sure your animals are safe and inside
• Close your curtain windows to create a barrier

After a Storm:

• Inspect your home and roof for any damage
• Safely clear away debris
• Call a roofing professional to inspect your home

Storm Damage Resources

Pawnee County has an emergency management page where you can find information about the local weather and ways to prepare for and stay safe during various types of storms and natural disasters. These guides can be useful in alleviating stress during an emergency.

Shull Roofing

Shull Roofing

Shull Roofing has been serving the Larned area for 13 years and has expertise in storm damage restoration. At Shull Roofing, we are committed to offering high-quality and professional workmanship and creating long-lasting relationships within our community. It is our goal to set the standard for home improvements.

If you or a loved one sustained damage from the recent severe weather in Larned, call us today to learn more about our services and request a free estimate in 24 hours.